Hi I’m Bhoomika and I get excited about food, who doesn’t right?

I was a fat kid thanks to my dad’s delectable cooking and my mum’s divine baking, it was totally worth it. I now create vegan recipes using plant based whole foods which are naturally high in protein, low in fats and also recreate my parents’ recipes without the loss of flavor or awesomeness, with a healthy and vegetarian perspective.


I quit my 9 to 5 job a year back as I didn’t resonate with the corporate world. I now work as a full-time freelance graphic designer, artist and chef. Check out my art here and here.



During college at NIFT I started experimenting with cooking and also joined a gym as I had done being chubby and wanted to be healthier.



At that time I used to eat chicken and seafood and would devour all the proteins I could find in order to gain muscle and lose fat. This was the information that I was getting from the internet, everyone was going on a low carbohydrate diet and believing that carbs are the enemy. So I did too, for five years of my life. 
previous weight loss111111111My first attempt was mostly an unhealthy rapid weight loss with the help of calorie and carb restricting, it did not give me long term results because I would end up eating a heap load of bad carbs on my cheat days because my body was craving the ‘energy food’.



Then came 2014 and I started gaining most of the pounds back, mainly because I had quit smoking and started meditating so my body needed grounding and hence the weight. I was mostly eating a clean diet but couldn’t eat animal products as it just didn’t feel right to me anymore. I would always think that I’m not getting enough protein, because of the programming that I needed meat to stay lean. This is the trick of the meat industry to sell their products. The human body thrives without any animal products but still veganism has a bad reputation with body building and fat loss.


But I got out of it! I let go of the programming and found out that a plant based vegan diet is not only good for the environment, the planet and the animals, but also great to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat. I started lifting more weights and doing strength training exercises. This second set of images shows how I lost weight the healthy way with a lifestyle change. I let go of fad diets and have now understood the importance of good quality carbohydrates in the diet. Our body is basically made up of energy and if you stop feeding yourself ‘energy food’ it will react in an extreme manner, I was completely tired and unable to function by the end of the day on a low carb diet. Now I’m at a healthy weight and also have a nice ass! I’m not willing to give away my curves to fad diets anymore.



I love experimenting with exotic and  locally found spices, teas and herbs, combining them with fresh herbs and veggies from my garden. 


I love photography and took it as my additional subject in college. I can’t stop clicking pictures when I have my camera with me. This is also an amazing way for me to share my love of photography with you and hopefully the pictures inspire you to get your ass in the kitchen and cook up a healthy, hearty meal for yourself and your family.

I was pulled towards making this blog to motivate myself and everyone else to eat healthy and whole foods. I share the best recipes which have been tested several times and tasted and approved by my family, friends and animal friends. 



I used to eat chicken and seafood until about a year ago. I thought that my body won’t be able to get enough protein from a vegetarian diet (like most meat eaters do), I was so very wrong. Plant based protein is not only good for the planet but is much healthier for the body and has all the essential amino acids required for our body as well. But I don’t judge anyone who eats a non-vegetarian diet because I believe that everybody is on their own path and I have no right to question anybody’s lifestyle choices.



I cook with many superfoods and ancient indian medicinal ayurvedic spices and herbs as I believe that any ailment of the body can be cured with fresh and organic food cooked with pure love vibrations radiating through the heart.

This blog is about celebrating delicious healthy food that excites the senses and nourishes the soul but does not harm the environment in any way! Let’s get healthier and save the planet together.


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